Vince Burton Photography

Fine Art Prints

These prints are all about premium quality. Using the same paper as is used in museums and galleries worldwide. The highest quality paper has been used to enhance your image experience, providing a unique masterpiece. Prints take on a matt appearance, with deep blacks, bright whites and brighter pastel-like tones to images.

The technical side
The paper used is the Fujifilm Photo Rag 300gsm, used for its matt finish, rich colours and smooth texture.

The options
Choose from two print sizes, either 18 x 12 or 24 x 16 inches. Then select whether you would like the image mounted in a card mount (approximately 2 inches wide) and you find your own frame. Or select to have it professionally framed by us and delivered ready to hang. There are also two frame selections available, a wider wood effect frame with dimensions of 53mm wide and 20mm deep. Alternatively a slim frame is available of 20mm wide and 34mm deep. Images are shown of both in the gallery below.

The process
If you would like to order any of the prints (framed or unframed), add an item to your cart and proceed to checkout. No money will be taken at this stage. I shall receive your order and verify it with you before asking for your delivery address and provide payment details. Your print will be ordered from the laboratory as soon as payment has been received and it will be sent direct to you.